List of Food for a Wedding Reception

The food list for a wedding reception is not something set in stone. Even if you  hire a caterer who has a set menu, you should reserve the right to request  specific items. Ultimately, it is up to the bride or groom, because it is their  special day. Menu items are often determined by the timing of the reception. An  afternoon reception might be expected to be a little leaner than a more formal  evening reception.

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Finger Sandwiches

  • Daytime receptions can be forgiven for being light on the food choices. While  champagne might be expected, you can get away with being creative when it comes  to food. Finger sandwiches are a traditional food for daytime wedding  receptions. You can distinguish this item in a number of ways. Try several types  of bread, such as whole wheat, white and rye. Offer the choice of different  types of fillings, like chicken salad, ham, turkey and roast beef. You might  also add some style by cutting the finger sandwiches into different shapes.  Heart-shaped cuts are certainly appropriate, but squares, triangles and rounded  shapes work too.

Regional Foods

  • Allow your region to dictate the food that appears on your wedding reception  menu. A grand wedding that invites guests to Hawaii could be planned like a  luau, complete with a roasted pig. A New England wedding reception could offer  Maine lobster, clam chowder or oysters Rockefeller. A Southern reception could  feature food like fried chicken, cornbread stuffing and collard greens. This  concept works especially well if you are inviting guests from out of  town.


Bride and Groom Indulgences

  • Indulge the bride and groom by making sure a favorite is on the reception  menu. A menu  filled with traditional items like beef tenderloin, poached salmon  or chicken breast can also include the bride’s favorite dessert of deep-fried  Twinkies. If the groom wants to be able to introduce his bride’s extended family  to a special pizza from a favorite local joint, then let  him.

Vegetarian Choices

  • It is always a good idea to offer a selection of vegetable dishes to cover  any vegetarians who may attend the reception. If you are serving steak, add a  grilled Portobello mushroom option. Or consider adding a hearts of artichoke  salad to the menu.

Sugar-Free Options

  • The cake is the centerpiece of any wedding reception, but keep in mind that  not all guests may be able to indulge. Be prepared to add some sugar-free  options for diabetics and parents who don’t want their kids eating sugary  sweets.


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